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Empowering Parents & Organizations.

Transforming Systems.

No more struggling in isolation or spinning your wheels with minimal impact. Whether you're a parent navigating complex systems or an organization seeking transformative change, we're here to streamline your efforts and maximize results.

We are what you've been waiting for.

You don't have to keep wasting time with little impact.

Driven by a firsthand understanding of the challenges in navigating mental health systems, our passion lies in empowering families to thrive, inspiring leaders to innovate, and transforming systems to drastically increase results.

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Empowering Families

Our Raising a Beautiful Mind brand focuses on nurturing and equipping parents and caregivers with resources, consultations, and intensive training tailored to empower them to successfully navigate systems to meet their child’s mental health needs and take care of themselves along the way.

Inspiring Leaders

You cannot help others if you don’t help yourself first. Our leadership wellbeing transformation includes online courses, intensive training, retreats, and a tailored personal development accelerator, all designed to elevate and target transformation in ways you never thought possible

Transforming Systems

We work with healthcare systems, hospitals, mental health professionals, emergency services, schools, nonprofits, and businesses, to provide education, consultation, motivational speaking, workshops, retreats, intensive staff training, and comprehensive impact planning . Our approach aims to dive deeper to strengthen systems to better serve children, youth & young adults with mental health needs and their families.

Join us in this wellness revolution...

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At Mensana Wellness Solutions, we see you.

Parents feeling the ache of trying to meet their children’s mental health needs, leaders weighed down by the responsibility of self-care and empowering others, workplaces and institutions grappling with systems that are not just broken but dysfunctional.

But Here's the Truth...

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

We are more than a provider of services; we are a beacon of change. We’re here to challenge the status quo, offering fresh perspectives and empowering families to nurture, leaders to inspire, and systems to revolutionize. We don’t just believe in transformation; we make it happen.

Lives and futures are at stake, and time is of the essence. We understand the urgency of the situation. We know the pain, the frustration, and the need for a better way. That’s why we focus on what works. We cut through the noise, offering targeted solutions that elevate and target transformation in ways you never thought possible. Our approach aims to empower, inspire, and transform, guiding individuals to rise above the chaos, find balance, and thrive in every aspect of their lives.

At Mensana Wellness Solutions, we don’t settle for mediocrity. We are driven by a burning passion that people deserve better. We have experienced these struggles firsthand and bring a deep sense of empathy and understanding to the table. Our brands — including Raising a Beautiful Mind — are uniquely tailored to serve and support the specific needs of parents, leaders, and systems.

Join us in our mission to reshape mental wellness. Together, we can make a difference, and together, we will succeed.

Hey there, I'm Jen,

and I am anything but your typical resource.


In the past two decades, I’ve immersed myself in the world of mental wellness, working with thousands of individuals, families, leaders, and organizations. I’ve witnessed firsthand the devastating impacts of stress, burnout, and mental health challenges, especially among parents and caregivers grappling with children’s mental health needs.

We deserve so much better than the worn-out, ineffective approaches that have governed our systems for far too long.

My mission, through Mensana Wellness Solutions, is to empower families, inspire leaders, and transform systems. I’m driven to defy the odds and lead you not just to survive, but to thrive! Together, we will challenge antiquated models and embrace evidence-based practices, holistic strategies, and transformational development that actually work.

I’m not here to offer band-aid solutions or empty promises. As a mother of a child with significant mental health needs and a CEO who knows the tragedy of trying to navigate dysfunctional systems, I bring an unwavering commitment to your journey. I’m armed with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a fierce determination to make a difference.

Join me in revolutionizing mental wellness. Let’s reimagine how we perceive and prioritize mental health, building a future where we’re not just surviving, but thriving.

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"What a phenomenal, life-changing program! It has absolutely changed how I approach self-care, and it has allowed me to begin taking better care of myself. Many of the lessons will stick with me for years to come. Absolutely awesome!"

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