Personal Development Accelerator

Ignite Your Personal Wellness Revolution

with the Personal Development Accelerator!

Transformative 8 Week Journey

Are you a busy professional craving personal growth but struggling to find the time?

Welcome to the Personal Development Accelerator, where leaders embark on a transformative 8-week journey to unlock their full potential. Say goodbye to generic self-help programs and hello to high-quality, holistic evidence-based personal development tailored just for you.

Imagine This...


You wake up every morning feeling energized and excited about the day ahead.


You lead with confidence, and make a lasting impact to those around you.


You feel energized, inspired, and truly fulfilled—both as a leader and as an individual

Leadership can be demanding

But here's the good news...

You don't have to chase quick fixes anymore.

 The Personal Development Accelerator is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

As a busy professional, you know that finding the time for personal development can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created the Personal Development Accelerator with your needs in mind. This comprehensive 8-week program is built for individuals who require flexibility and can’t make the typical M-F 9-5 routine work.

Imagine embarking on a transformative journey that begins the moment you join the Accelerator. With access to preliminary assessments and an onboarding discovery call, you’ll hit the ground running. Our program mobile app makes it easy kickstart your personal wellness revolution.

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About the Accelerator

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But here's what truly sets the Personal Development Accelerator apart--

A personalized experience that caters to your unique needs.

Engage in thought-provoking exercises tailored specifically for you, while benefiting from one-on-one mentoring with our seasoned experts. We’ll be your guide, providing compassionate accountability every step of the way.

What to Expect

When you join

60 Minute Onboarding Call

This is the one and only time you have a scheduled time to engage with the program.


After the onboarding call, every Friday you will receive the information you need for the upcoming week via our app. Then you're welcome to immerse in all things YOU whenever it works best.

Preliminary Assessments

To help you (and me) get to know you better, you launch the program with an assessment and reflection to prepare for our onboarding call.

Learning & Inspiration

As part of your journey, learning and inspiration are shared regularly to help equip you with the critical knowledge and motivation to achieve your goals.

Personalized Data Collection

Data collection sets this program apart from so many others. We will decide on relevant data metrics based on your goals to help drive outcome-based results. You will be able to measure anything and see progress over time.

Self-Discovery Assignments

This is one of the many, unique parts of the program, making it different than others. Change only comes when we can engage in opportunities to take deep dives into ourselves and practice new personalized strategies.

Regular Check-Ins

You will receive regular check-ins, feedback to data progress, supportive follow-up targeted action, brief assessments, and more.


You will have unlimited access to message directly on the accelerator app for any questions, comments, or just wanting a little extra encouragement.

Getting Started is Easy as 1-2-3

1. Register Now

As soon as you click that register confirmation button, you will receive an email to get you started with the program immediately!

2. Login to App

In that confirmation email you will see a link to get you logged into our program app and start your journey right away!

3. Start Program

Once you're in our app your journey will have begun. You will have access to your preliminary assessments, your first activities & schedule your 60-minute onboarding call.


$ 397 3- Payments
  • Assessment, analysis, individualized plan development ($397)
  • 60 minute onboarding meeting ($350)
  • Weekly personalized development activities ($2700)
  • Weekly check-ins, feedback, encouragement, unlimited messaging ($1997)
  • Access to Accelerator App ($247)
  • Total Value: $5691


$ 997 One-Time
  • Assessment, analysis, individualized plan development ($397)
  • 60 minute onboarding meeting ($350)
  • Weekly personalized development activities ($2700)
  • Weekly check-ins, feedback, encouragement, unlimited messaging ($1997)
  • Access to Accelerator App ($247)
  • Total Value: $5691
Save $194
About Me

Hey, I'm Jen.


I’ve defied a lot of odds in the last few decades, from suicidal teen to entrepreneur, executive, teacher, professor, elected official, and still recovering from my doctorate. For the last decade, I’ve also worked with thousands of other people and organizations that have struggled with the impacts of stress, burnout, and mental health. My mission is to help you defy the odds and thrive instead of just survive!

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