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Living for Everyone Else

I was working 10-16 hour days. I had gained over 50 pounds. My cholesterol was rising. I couldn’t sleep well no matter how hard I tried. I was so stressed that my shoulders were in constant pain and emotional eating became my best friend. 

I thought going to get my nails done was stellar “self-care.” (Insert facepalm here). I was so exhausted that when I had a break I slept. I also convinced myself that sleeping was “self-care.” When I would have moments of calm and healthy habits, I quickly abandoned them and fell back into workaholic, toxic habits. 

I felt like I had a lot of people counting on me and I had to come through for them. Home, work, friends, other boards/groups/committees I sat on. The problem was that I was living for everyone else, not myself. 

My Wake Up Call

One Wednesday night at 10p (I will never forget this), my daughter made a comment wondering if everyone knew that I sacrificed my family time to get things done that others hadn’t during the day. The comment hit me like a truck. 

Wait, my kids, the people I lived for were feeling the angst and absence from me? I wasn’t the supermom I thought I was? I wasn’t fooling anyone, especially not my kids. They were not getting the mom that they deserved and that hurt. 

Of course, I spent days wrestling with the guilt that I was failing but after working 14 hours that Saturday (I’m not exactly a quick learn), I woke up on Sunday and said no more. 

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Me Before and After My Wake Up Call

Failing Myself

I had grown so accustomed to everyone needing something from me that I gave, gave, and gave some more to everyone BUT myself. I was no good to anyone because I hadn’t been good to myself. I knew that there had to be more to life but I needed to do some serious personal transformation. 

Starting My Next Chapter

Chasing the quick fixes including wine and everything labeled “self-care” wasn’t cutting it. It had to be grounded in evidence, holistic health, and sustainable because I was still a busy mom working full-time. 

So I did. 

It wasn’t easy nor pretty but it had to be done. It had to be done for me.  I learned more about myself, who I am, who I wanted to be, how to get there, and most importantly how to stay there. 

Ironically how focusing on myself made me a better mom, friend, colleague. My only regret is that I hadn’t done it sooner.

I Wasn’t Alone

And the more I talked to others about it, I quickly realized that most people can relate and aren’t living their best lives either. I want others to truly thrive and unlock the best parts of themselves again, or for some the very first time. I stumbled. I still do but I want to take the guesswork out of this and give others the best shot at living the life they really deserve.

And Mensana was born.

Living My Best Life- Thank you Cinque Terre.

Can You Relate?

Do you feel exhausted, burned out, and unfulfilled? Does it seem like you give more to others than you do to yourself? Well, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, many high achievers often find themselves stuck in this vicious cycle, giving their all to others as they neglect their own needs. It’s not a healthy situation to be in – and it can be hard to break out of.

The Mensana Revolution.

Welcome to the Mensana Revolution! Our goal is to revolutionize how you approach personal wellness. By turning traditional wellness wisdom on its head, we teach high-achievers how to unlock the best parts of themselves.

At Mensana, we value holistic, evidence-based approaches to wellness. The body, mind, and soul are deeply connected systems, and optimizing one part maximizes all parts. So it’s important to use research and look at the evidence – just because it’s on social media doesn’t make it true!

The Mensana Philosophy is about inspiring, educating, and supporting people on their journey to optimal health. We believe in providing life-changing tools and resources that will help you take your wellness journey from good to great. It’s essential to be sustainable and acknowledge that people are on different paths – so come as you are!

What’s Mensana Anyway?

“Mens sana in corpore sana” is Latin for a healthy mind in a healthy body, and there isn’t a better way to describe what everyone deserves. Our body is a complicated and highly connected system, including our minds. To optimize our true wellness, performance, and quality of life, we have to give as much attention, learning, and transformation to our minds as we do to our physical bodies.


The Mensana Vision

To be a personal wellness revolution.


To teach high-achievers how to unlock the best parts of themselves.

Core Values

  • Inspire
  • Educate
  • Holistic
  • Research & evidence matter
  • Sustainability
  • Come as you are


At the heart of our core values lies the importance of inspiring you to strive to better your personal wellness and transformation. Inspiration plays a key role in achieving success. Having the courage to take positive steps towards making positive changes for yourself can open so many doors to a healthier and more fulfilling life. Inspiration is the driving force that pushes individuals to reach their goals and break through any barriers that may be in their way. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, resources, and guidance to help you make the most of your journey to personal wellness and transformation.


Do you ever feel like you’re struggling to keep up? That you’re never quite good enough? Feel like life is just a long list of chores and errands and expected tasks? You’re not alone. Many of us have never been taught the crucial skills to help us thrive in life. Coping skills, boundaries, perfectionism, self-awareness, and finding balance are all essential skills that many of us lack. Mensana uses evidence-based learning to educate high achievers with the knowledge and resources they need to maximize their wellness. 

Holistic Health

At Mensana, we believe that holistic health is the key to a satisfying and productive life. This means that we acknowledge that our minds, bodies, and souls work in tandem, influencing one another as part of a larger system. We recognize that when we neglect one aspect of our health, we inevitably experience a ripple effect in the areas of our lives connected to it. For this reason, our approach to health is centered on nourishing all parts of our being—mind, body, and soul—in order to achieve true wellness.

Research & Evidence Matter

Heading into today’s digital world, one of the most common problems is assuming if it’s online, it must be true. But, of course, social media is the biggest culprit, and we’ve all been guilty of sharing something without fact-checking it first.

This morning, while I was scrolling my Instagram, I stopped to watch an account I follow. The person was a self-proclaimed “expert” who had built a brand around wellness and discussed the connection between trauma and neurodivergency. While she began strong, the video quickly took a turn when it proposed that trauma only leads to two disorders, Autism and ADHD. 

The comments were ridiculous. In just 28 minutes, the post had been up, and thousands of people had already jumped to the conclusion that they were suffering from either Autism or ADHD.

It is essential to remember that while trauma can lead to mental health issues, it should never be assumed that it will only result in Autism and ADHD. People must know to seek help from a professional and get an accurate diagnosis versus using an online Buzzfeed quiz for such critical medical issues. That’s why at Mensana Wellness Solutions, we rely on evidence-based research to ensure we are using and sharing to maximize outcomes for our clients.


We’ve all seen the ads for the self-care industry, including bath salts and candles that promise a completely different life. While it’s true that taking some time for yourself can be incredibly beneficial, relying on products for a total transformation is a slippery slope. While these self-care products can be wonderful in helping you relax, the underlying problems are still there, waiting to be addressed. 

It’s hard to blame companies for taking advantage of buyers by creating a false sense of hope. After all, they’re in business to make money and play into our need for instantaneous gratification. But we should be wary of companies selling us products that appear to bring about miraculous change without addressing our underlying issues. 

At Mensana Wellness Solutions, we focus on sustainable wellness. We understand that small, consistent changes over time will ultimately deliver longer-lasting and more meaningful results than quick fixes. It’s an investment in yourself that will pay dividends for years to come.

Come As You Are

It is true. You don’t need any experience to start on your transformative journey to wellness. When it comes to matters of the mind and body, we are all perfectly imperfect, so please come exactly as you are. No judgment, no expectations. Just an open heart, mind, and willingness to embark on this inner journey.

Plant mom. Don't mind that this one no longer has leaves but I try.

A Little About Me

I’ve done many pretty cool things, from being a teacher to a professor to a nonprofit founder and Executive Director. But my favorite accomplishment and the title is: Mom.

I’m a mom to kids, dogs, and plants. I have two amazing kids who are growing into pretty awesome young adults. I have learned more from them than I ever knew was possible. They keep me grounded, don’t appreciate my humor, and I would never have known just how “cringy” I was without their persistent reminders. Good thing. As my kids started getting older, I saw the inevitable empty nester on the horizon, so I started transitioning into the world of plants. I have an obsession that may border on unhealthy, but I’m okay with it.

In my ongoing quest for authentic balance, I spend more time on hobbies, interests, and anything that sparks joy (thanks, Marie Kondo!) Traveling and nature breathe life into me. I am in my happy place creating things, whether art, photography, candles, home projects, a puzzle, or a business. I am here for it. To say I’m busy is an understatement, but I am fueled by laughter, fun, and genuine balance. I’ve learned a lot about what to do and definitely what not to do over the years. 

My Passions

My passion is wellness, especially mental, social, and emotional health. I have presented and trained tens of thousands of people on various wellness, mental, social, and emotional health-related topics. My favorite has been working with people to blow up how they understand “self-care” and replacing it with evidence-based strategies and opportunities to carve out even a little space to dive into their own wellness. It’s been transformative game-changers, and that’s precisely why I do what I do. Is anything more fulfilling than having the honor of being a tiny part of someone’s journey and seeing them thrive?

My Promise

With the promise to bring real, authentic, vulnerable, and human content, I accept the responsibility of walking this path together with honesty and transparency. I’m perfectly imperfect, too.

My hope is that I can provide relevant information so that you feel armed with the tools that you need to make your own decisions. If you need professional mental health help, you must know that you are not alone. Though I will write about my personal experience with diagnosis, meds, and therapy, it doesn’t replace professional mental health help. 

I want to bring an honest, genuine, and vulnerable perspective to the table. You deserve real experiences and conversations that can help you navigate life’s struggles with confidence and laughter. My vision is to create a space where we can all learn from one another and work together to build something greater.

I look forward to sharing the stuff I’m reading, seeing, and hearing to help streamline your journey. Everyone deserves to thrive, and my mission is to help you thrive however that looks for you. Let’s do this together!

Now what?

This is our journey together, so please follow this, comment, be kind to each other (and me), ask questions, suggest topics you want me to dive into more, and let’s make this ours. You get to be you, and I’ll be me, and let’s see where we land. And now, it’s time to turn the page… into wellness. 

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Jennifer Ulie, Ph.D.

2x Founder, CEO, Motivational Speaker, Author, Teacher, PhD, and Geek about holistic health and evidence-based practices to help people unlock the best parts of themselves again. Follow @mymensana.

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