Calming the Storm: Effective Tools for Managing and Preventing Challenging Behaviors

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to reduce challenging behaviors

Can you relate?

  • Your child exhibits a variety of behaviors from aggression to refusing to do basic tasks?
  • Feel like you and your child do not understand each other often resulting in explosions?
  • Struggling to understand how mental health and behaviors go together?
  • Not sure what to do about challenging behaviors?
  • Feels like no matter what you do it isn’t helping?
  • Are you completely exhausted in the process?
  • Finding resources specifically for your child and family seems to be almost impossible?
calming the storm

You are NOT alone.

And we're ready to help.

Why do we see challenging behaviors?

But NOT because you have a bad kid!

Is this

your story?

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Once upon a time, there was a parent (YOU) who faced the relentless challenges of raising a child with mental health difficulties. This parent was determined to provide the best support possible but found themselves overwhelmed by the storm of challenging behaviors. The constant meltdowns, outbursts, and uncertainty created pain points that seemed insurmountable.

The parent knew that without intervention, their child’s potential for growth and happiness could be hindered. They feared the long-term effects on their child’s well-being, relationships, and overall quality of life. The stakes were high, and time was of the essence.


But then, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of “Calming the Storm: Effective Tools for Managing and Preventing Challenging Behaviors.” This course became their guiding light, offering a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the turbulent seas they found themselves in.

Enrolling in this course meant finding others who understood their journey and could provide practical strategies to manage challenging behaviors effectively. It meant gaining the knowledge and tools to create an environment of understanding, support, and growth.


Picture this:  Seeing your child thrive, develop emotional resilience, and overcome the challenges they faced, restoring harmony within the family, strengthening bonds, and creating a foundation for a brighter future.

Now, it’s your turn to embrace this opportunity. Join us in “Calming the Storm: Effective Tools for Managing and Preventing Challenging Behaviors” and let us be your compass. Together, we’ll help you understand the underlying causes of challenging behaviors and provide you with the strategies needed to navigate through them with confidence.

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Welcome to Calming the Storm!

Welcome to “Calming the Storm: Effective Tools for Managing and Preventing Challenging Behaviors,” designed specifically for parents of children with mental health issues. If you’ve been feeling lost, confused, exhausted and overwhelmed while raising kids with high needs, this is the resource you’ve been eagerly waiting for. It was created by an expert in the field that is also a parent with first hand experience raising a child with complex mental health needs.

In this course, we provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and support you need to navigate the complexities of challenging behaviors. With a compassionate and relatable approach, we delve into understanding behavior, identifying underlying functions, and equipping you with effective tools to manage and prevent challenging behaviors.


Topics Include:

Why continue to be exhausted without any resources or support?

Included in the Free Calming the Storm Online Course

About the Instructor--

Jennifer Ulie, Ph.D.



The Empowered Parents Bootcamp is led by Dr. Jennifer Ulie, a national expert in school mental health and special education, former teacher, school board member, and professor this bootcamp is a unique opportunity to learn from someone who not only possesses extensive professional expertise but also understands the challenges firsthand as a parent who has navigated the complexities of the dysfunctional mental health systems. 

With her deep empathy and unwavering dedication, she will guide you through this transformative journey, providing insights, strategies, and unwavering support. Her passion for empowering parents shines through every aspect of the bootcamp, ensuring that you receive the highest level of expertise combined with a genuine understanding of your struggles. Together, you will embark on a path towards resilience, empowerment, and a stronger partnership with schools to ensure your child’s success.

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