Challenging Behavior Academy

Decrease challenging behaviors, improve outcomes for youth, staff, and families, and drive system-wide change.

You don’t have to just dream about what it would be like to significantly reduce challenging behaviors anymore. Leverage the research of comprehensive system change with the Challenging Behavior Academy.

Schools need a comprehensive roadmap and support

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20%+ of all children have a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder, but only 1 in 5 who need support receive care from a mental health provider


90% of teachers report teaching children with behavior concerns.

47.26 hours

On average teachers spend 47.26 hours responding to student behavior.


Costing $1871.02 per classroom in behavior management practices.

$2 billion

Reactive behavior management costs $2 billion dollars annually.

(Gormley et al, 2021)

Chances are, challenging behaviors are depleting significant amounts of time, energy, and resources from your organization, leading to burnout among staff, parents, and administrators.

Despite having several evidence-based initiatives in operation, you might still find yourself not achieving the impactful results you’re earnestly seeking.

It doesn't have to be like that.

But you need to have high-quality learning on what actually works, critical resources, and ongoing support to significantly improve results.

Introducing the...

Challenging Behavior Academy

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Navigating the complex terrain of challenging behaviors can leave even the most dedicated education professionals feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced. At the Challenging Behavior Academy, we understand that it’s a Herculean task to keep abreast of every new strategy and intervention in the educational landscape, which is why we’re here to shoulder that burden for you.

Our 8 month comprehensive cohort is meticulously designed to streamline your efforts by integrating only the most effective, evidence-based strategies, alongside indispensable resources, and fostering a community of like-minded professionals for ongoing support. 

Comprehensive & Evidence-Based Program

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Led by an Expert That's Been There

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Spearheaded by an esteemed expert with over two decades of experience in education and school mental health, specializing in children with significant behavior and mental health challenges, our academy promises an unparalleled professional learning experience that will not only enhance your toolkit but transform your approach to challenging behaviors.

Embrace this opportunity to improve your outcomes with the Challenging Behavior Academy, where transformative learning meets actionable solutions.

Why Keep Doing the Same Thing Over and Over?

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"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."- Rita Mae Brown

Why Does It Work?

Evidence-based Practices 


High-quality Learning


Ongoing Support


Results You Didn’t Know Were Possible

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Imagine If Your School Could...

Significantly Reduce Undesired Behaviors

Improve Culture & Climate

Reduce Burnout & Unnecessary Costs from Behavior

What is the Challenging Behavior Academy?

Get what you need to lead your team to decrease challenging behaviors

The Challenging Behavior Academy includes:

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What People Are Saying

Teachers continue to ask when will she be returning to teach us more about what we can do for our students. Jen is able to connect and motivate her audience to understand the importance of utilizing strategies that will benefit all in our school community. Teachers implemented her suggested strategies making a difference in the lives of our students and their families.
School Administrator
The balance of facts, real-life experiences, and tasteful humor keep audiences engaged from start to finish. Her no-nonsense approach takes the fear out of talking about topics so often considered taboo in our society. This is real and so very necessary to give both adults and kids a fighting chance in our world today.
This course was unbelievable! It was the most relevant professional development that I have ever taken part in. It came at a time that I desperately needed some additional strategies to implement into my life. I serve others daily.
Elementary Principal
I signed up for the program hoping I would get something out of it, but fearful that it might be a waste of my time. The course so incredibly surpassed even my highest expectations and I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done. So many times coursework is put together that feels like an afterthought, or something which a person threw together begrudgingly. You probably do not know how much I appreciate that you poured heart and soul into this course, made it useful, and meaningful.
Teacher Leader
She is an articulate voice in raising awareness around how organizational communities can support emotional and behavioral wellness. Jennifer is passionate about reducing stigma and improving wellness literacy and these are goals we can all support.
Mental Health Professional
I wish there were more classes like this. During the pandemic, wellness has definitely taken a turn for the worse. Work related stress is at an all time high and this class couldn't have presented itself at a more perfect moment. I am truly grateful for what I've learned. The resources and feedback were valuable. I'd love to take more classes from Jen.
Director of Curriculum
Mental Health 6

Movers and Shakers Only!

This opportunity is exclusively for school leaders who are deeply committed and passionate about enhancing outcomes for students, staff, and families within your school, district, or organization. This isn’t a superficial learning experience. It’s designed for those prepared to dive deep, challenge their own thinking patterns, and envision transformative change that will genuinely save and change lives.

Expect this learning journey to be invigorating yet challenging, to arouse excitement and empowerment, and to inspire you in ways seldom encountered before. It’s tailored for the true movers and shakers eager to elevate your school, district, or organization to unprecedented heights.

This is a distinctly action-oriented opportunity, aimed at guiding you on how to shift systems to work smarter, not harder. It’s crafted for those who are not just ready but eager to lead change, demonstrating how practical steps can lead to substantial, sustainable transformations within your educational environment.

Trusted by top schools, organizations & businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

The Academy is designed for system leaders from educational organizations, nonprofits, juvenile justice, or those serving students. It is beneficial to have a team attend but can also be attended by individual leaders. Examples of attendees: School and district administration, special education leaders, SEBMH leaders, school board members, at risk coordinators, school psychologists/social workers, behavior interventionists, juvenile justice liaisons, nonprofit leaders supporting youth, student resource officers (SROs), juvenile court officers (JCOs), university professionals supporting SEBMH & educational leadership teams, family engagement liaisons, and any therapeutic residential or classroom leaders.

It is expected that participants may have dates they are unable to attend. We record all sessions and post them in the academy LMS system.

While we love to have SEBMH teams participating, they alone typically do not have the resources, authority, and ability to single handedly lead systems change. Social, emotional, and mental health cannot belong to our SEBMH professionals only, because our leaders set the tone so educating and empowering them is the key to sustainable and powerful system transformation. 

The Academy is relevant for leaders working with youth of all ages including young adults. There are no age or grade requirements.

We realize this is extremely important work so we work to make it affordable for organizations of all sizes. Contact us for pricing. 

We provide certificates of attendance for each session.

The impact is endless, truly. If the work is done with integrity, the primary goal is a decrease in challenging behaviors. Other typical outcomes include improving building culture, attendance, staff morale, academic achievement, increasing time not spent on responding to behaviors, improved safety, more needs being met, SEL skills being taught, improved family engagement. The outcomes are endless.

How Much Are Challenging Behaviors Costing Your System?

There are registration options for individuals as well as for teams. The more enrolling from your team the lower the cost per person. 

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Transform Challenging Behaviors as a...

Individual Registration (2 Payment Options)

12 Monthly Payments

Before 6/1/24: $50/month

After 6/1/24: $67/month

One Payment

Before 6/1/24: $597

After 6/1/24: $797

Team Registration (costs are per person)

Each team member will want to register themselves within the team. If you need to use a purchase order email and we will get you squared away. 

Small Team (2-3 staff)

Before 6/1/24: $537

After 6/1/24: $717

Medium Team (4-6 staff)

Before 6/1/24: $483

After 6/1/24: $645

Large Team (7-10 staff)

Before 6/1/24: $434

After 6/1/24: $579

Platinum Team (11-15 staff)

Before 6/1/24: $390

After 6/1/24: $521

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