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Overwhelmed Staff and Struggling Youth?

At Mensana Wellness Solutions, we recognize that the heart of every thriving system lies in the well-being of its youth, staff, and families.


We understand that true change comes from a comprehensive approach. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each school system.


We look forward to partnering with you to improve social, emotional, and mental health of your youth staff & families.

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Comprehensive Consultation

Dr. Jennifer Ulie is a transformative force in the field of educational and wellness consulting, renowned for her profound impact on systems and outcomes. She takes organizations on a deep dive into data, evidence-based practices, and relevant action planning, ensuring no fluff and delivering actionable results. Dr. Ulie’s unparalleled ability to connect with system stakeholders, coupled with her extensive knowledge in social, emotional, and mental health, makes her an indispensable asset for any organization seeking to significantly improve outcomes.

Example Consultative Offerings & Topics

    • System social, emotional, mental health audits 
    • System data analysis
    • Action planning
    • Intensive training
    • System leader workshops
    • Community mental health committees
    • School board planning & development workshops
    • Nonprofit and organizational development
    • Improving mental health literacy
    • Using MTSS to optimize outcomes
    • Reducing challenging behaviors
    • Policy analysis
    • Building trauma sensitive systems
    • Restorative practices
    • Juvenile justice reformation
    • Suicide prevention
    • Adult EQ development
    • Social emotional learning
    • Improving family engagement
    • Journey and resource mapping
    • Improving youth voice
    • Culturally responsive systems
    • Developing family navigators
    • Youth & family system experiences
    • Therapeutic classroom development
    • Staff wellbeing 
    • Developing family mental health offerings

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Example Metrics & Outcome Targets

– Student academic performance

– Attendance rates

– Behavioral incidents

– Mental health outcomes

– Staff retention

– Family engagement

– Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies

– Suicide prevention and intervention

– Reduction in challenging behaviors

– Feedback and satisfaction

– Equity and inclusion

– Crisis response

– Community and youth engagement

– Program effectiveness

– Restorative practices implementation

– Trauma-sensitive practices

– Professional development participation

– Resilience and coping skills

– Graduation rates

– Teacher and staff job satisfaction

– Parent and student survey results

– Incidents of bullying and harassment

– Participation in extracurricular activities

– Utilization of support services (counseling, mentoring)

– Disciplinary referrals and suspensions

– Academic and social progress for at-risk students

– Teacher-student relationship quality

– Incidents of substance abuse

– Emergency preparedness and response effectiveness

– Youth voice and agency

– Family support and navigation usage

– Policy compliance

Some of the Audiences We Serve...


Why Mensana?

"I love the energy and expertise that Jen brings to her work! She is very skilled at creating safe spaces for folks to share and guide towards purposeful action plans."
"Jen is exceptional - she is clear, passionate, and forward thinking. She can fly at 10,000 feet with vision, strategy, and leadership or have boots on the ground to implement immediate change and impact."
"I am so thankful for Jen. With her impactful experience, wisdom, and guidance we have started on this amazing journey. We started and finished with data from our own community with people from our own community. It makes so much sense! Who can take care of our students better than us? Thank you, Jen, for giving us the tools we needed to make a genuine difference in so many lives."
"Jen is knowledgeable, honest, supportive and committed to this work and supporting our collective! Thank you Jen!"
"I would have loved to have all of my students' parents, associates (paras), and coteachers here the information from the first meeting. There was amazing information that all should know, hear and learn. Jen specifically looked at our community, as well as our school, and assisted in helping our collective in making real change. She is the perfect facilitator who is passionate about help people learn, develop empathy and make change for communities based on real information all about our little corner of the world."
"There aren't words to describe how excited I am about the work we are doing with Jen! With her guidance, we have put together a team of school staff, students, and community members to dig in, be vulnerable, and make real change for our students, staff, and families. The first session is so valuable with all of the learning that takes place. Jen does a fantastic job of setting the stage for mental health in our community, state, and nationwide. She tailors this work to us and involves our leadership team the entire way. Now that are action teams are working on things like family partnership, tier 1 students, tier 2/3 students, community partnerships, data, policies, etc. I can't wait to see where we go next! Thank you, Jen!"
"We had a parent come up to us at our last event and said that, thanks to Jen's presentation in April, she noticed some red flags in her son who is in PK and took him to his pediatrician for further guidance. Due to the history of mental illness in her family and these red flags, they were sent on for further mental health support and she credits identifying this early to you and our program. That one story made everything we did this year worth it. We are doing some mental health PD for our elementary buildings and Middle School next year, so I am hopeful we can call on Jen for a more whole-school assembly."
"Recently a principal shared a story with me about how they make sure all of their students have the suicide texting info in their phones. We have done trainings with Jennifer Ulie and helped support a family mental health resource night they had. He shared that just last week one of their students used it during the day. Law enforcement arrived at the school, and they were able to get the student the help that they needed. This is a young person we still have here now. "
"Working with Jen has been amazing. I'm not sure our district would be off to such a great start on our journey to bettering mental wellness if we didn't have her as our sounding board. She brings the perfect mixture of learning, discovery, and action. It was so refreshing to not be offered a "bandaid" to fix the problem, but rather paths to explore."
"Jen has brought a diverse group of community members together to collaborate and focus on a common goal for mental health. I am blown away by the different perspectives and resources. I am excited to continue to learn and find ways to support our community's overall mental health."
"Jen is a champion for social, emotional, behavior and mental health for communities. Her engaging style and excitement for the work is contagious. I have truly appreciated her guidance on our work as a district and look forward to future collaborative endeavors."
"Outstanding!! You can feel your passion. You were organized and entertaining (which is good when you are leading a group for 2 hrs). You provided the building blocks. Thank you so much for your dedication to mental health."

Onsite Training

Our onsite training programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of educators, incorporating evidence-based practices that are both relatable and engaging. Designed for real-world application, we ensure that the strategies presented are thought provoking and seamlessly integrated into daily educational practices.

Annually, we empower thousands of professionals through our training sessions, fostering environments where educators and students alike can thrive. We’re excited to extend this opportunity to your team, aiming to inspire and equip your staff with the knowledge and tools for lasting positive change.


Samples of Past Speaking

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