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Emotional Regulation Techniques to Reduce Challenging Behaviors


Are you ready to transform how you understand and manage challenging behaviors in youth? This is a must-attend event for educators, administrators, nonprofits, SROs, juvenile justice staff, mental health & residential professionals, and anyone dedicated to making a profound impact on children’s lives.

Join us for this exclusive, free webinar designed to address the real challenges you face with managing difficult behaviors. Learn intensive strategies you were never taught, avoid burnout, and move beyond punitive approaches that aren’t effective in the long run.

This webinar is an essential learning experience for your entire staff. Everyone benefits when they have  the skills to transform challenging behaviors into opportunities for youth and the adults serving them.

2024 06 25

With the Emotional regulation webinar--- Bonus Over 20 Different Resources!

What People Are Saying

“Jen is a champion for social, emotional, behavior and mental health for communities. Her engaging style and excitement for the work is contagious. I have truly appreciated her guidance on our work as a district and look forward to future collaborative endeavors.”

“Jen is exceptional – she is clear, passionate, and forward thinking. She can fly at 10,000 feet with vision, strategy, and leadership or have boots on the ground to implement immediate change and impact.”

“Jen’s presentations are authentic, passionate, and enjoyable as they come. The balance of facts, real-life experiences, and tasteful humor keep audiences engaged from start to finish. Her no-nonsense approach takes the fear out of talking about topics so often considered taboo in our society. This is real and so very necessary to give both adults and kids a fighting chance in our world today.”


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Meet Award-Winning Instructor Dr. Jennifer Ulie

Over the last two decades, Jennifer Ulie, Ph.D., has become a trusted voice and award-winning expert on building sustainable personal and organizational systems of mental, social & emotional wellness. Having presented to tens of thousands of professionals, she is a highly sought-after thought leader & public speaker for her wit, knowledge, relatability, and engaging talks.

She has been a teacher, professor, nonprofit founder & Executive Director, legislative advocate, school board member, and legal expert witness. She has founded, launched, and led countless stakeholder groups, coalitions, conferences, programs, and online courses & certifications.

She sits on multiple regional and national professional organizations, advisory boards, and boards of directors. She has published peer-reviewed articles and is an academic journal peer reviewer. Dr. Ulie has been featured on multiple media outlets, including CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, NPR, and PBS.


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