Consultations to Navigate School and Mental Health Systems

Parent Consultations

to navigate school and mental health systems

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Consultations to Navigate School and Mental Health Systems That You Deserve

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To be empowered in making sure your child has their needs met.
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For your child and family to thrive.
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A streamlined journey with less stress and wasted time.

Sounds Wonderful, right?

Let Us

Help You Get There.

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30-minute consultation

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What to Expect at Your Appointment

Access to a dedicated school/mental health expert who can provide guidance and support in navigating challenging situations.

Personalized consultation session focused on addressing your concerns and providing practical solutions.

Access to resources, including educational materials, recommended readings, and online tools to support your family's journey.

About the Consultant--

Jennifer Ulie, Ph.D.


Dr. Jennifer Ulie, an expert in school mental health, not only possesses extensive professional expertise but also understands the challenges firsthand as a parent who has navigated the complexities of the dysfunctional mental health systems. 

With her deep empathy and unwavering dedication, she will guide you through this transformative journey, providing insights, strategies, and unwavering support. Her passion for empowering parents shines through, ensuring that you receive the highest level of expertise combined with a genuine understanding of your struggles. 

Over the last two decades, Jennifer Ulie, Ph.D., has become a trusted voice and award-winning expert on building sustainable personal and organizational systems of mental, social & emotional wellness. Having presented to tens of thousands of professionals, she is a highly sought-after thought leader & public speaker for her wit, knowledge, relatability, and engaging talks.

Dr. Ulie is the founder and CEO of Mensana Wellness Solutions. She has been a teacher, professor, nonprofit founder & Executive Director, legislative advocate, school board member, and legal expert witness. She has founded, launched, and led countless stakeholder groups, coalitions, conferences, programs, and online courses & certifications.

She sits on multiple regional and national professional organizations, advisory boards, and boards of directors. She has published peer-reviewed articles and is an academic journal peer reviewer. Dr. Ulie has been featured on multiple media outlets, including CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, NPR, and PBS.  @mymensana.

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Hear Jen discuss suicide prevention on PBS Documentary "Facing Suicide"

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