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Dr. Jennifer Ulie is a motivational speaker who shares her inspiring journey of going from being a suicidal teen to a Ph.D. entrepreneur, executive, motivational speaker, and educator.  Ulie’s talks address topics like self-care, building sustainable and effective systems, lived experience as a parent navigating dysfunctional mental health systems, mental health justice, school mental health, emotional dysregulation & behavior, and transformational leadership.


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Keynote Presentations

Jennifer Ulie is a beacon of inspiration and a powerhouse of knowledge in the realm of educational and wellness speaking engagements. Known for her unique blend of humor, inspirational storytelling, and expert content delivery, Dr. Ulie captivates audiences across both virtual and in-person platforms. Her engaging presentations are meticulously tailored to leave a lasting impact, fostering both personal and professional growth among attendees. Her ability to connect with her audience, combined with her expertise in social, emotional, and mental health, makes her a highly sought-after speaker for any event.

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Why Jennifer Ulie?

"I was able to hear Jen speak and I instantly felt connected through her energy. She captivated our attendees. She was engaging and entertaining, all while communicating a much-needed message. I would recommend attending a or inviting Jen to speak at any event. Her passion is contagious!"
"Jen recently presented to my school staff on the topic of mental health and wellness. Her presentation was not only informative, but her dynamic and energetic style of presentation captivated her audience. Teachers continue to ask when will she be returning to teach us more about what we can do for our students. Jen is able to connect and motivate her audience to understand the importance of utilizing strategies that will benefit all in our school community. Teachers implemented her suggested strategies making a difference in the lives of our students and their families. Jen is making a positive impact in the lives of many. We are fortunate to have Jen’s depth of knowledge and expertise."
"We had a parent come up to us at our last event and said that, thanks to Jen's presentation in April, she noticed some red flags in her son who is in PK and took him to his pediatrician for further guidance. Due to the history of mental illness in her family and these red flags, they were sent on for further mental health support and she credits identifying this early to you and our program. That one story made everything we did this year worth it. We are doing some mental health PD for our elementary buildings and Middle School next year, so I am hopeful we can call on Jen for a more whole-school assembly."
"Recently a principal shared a story with me about how they make sure all of their students have the suicide texting info in their phones. We have done trainings with Jennifer Ulie and helped support a family mental health resource night they had. He shared that just last week one of their students used it during the day. Law enforcement arrived at the school, and they were able to get the student the help that they needed. This is a young person we still have here now. "
"As an administrator and School Psychologist I had heard about Jennifer and her excellent training in school mental health issues from other administrators, social workers, counselors and teachers with whom I work.    Recently I too had an opportunity to attend one of her presentations.  I was wowed.  The content was accurate, relevant, and engaging. Perfect for the audience."
"As a presenter, Jen is able to make topics surrounding school mental health relatable to everyone, no matter what their connection to school mental health may be. Through these presentations, she has been able to transform the methodologies that teachers and schools implement to serve the needs of each and every one of their students. Her knowledge surrounding school mental health is deeply rooted in her variety of roles such as a teacher, a parent and mental health advocate. Without a doubt, through Jen’s presentations and activism surrounding school mental health, she has forever transformed the lives of students, teachers, and communities throughout the country."
"Jen presented at our annual Nurse Conference. Her enthusiasm, passion, and expertise were exactly what we were looking for in a speaker. Jen engaged and inspired the audience while focusing on overall wellness. Jen’s perspective is well-rounded and relatable as she shares her experiences from her personal, educational, and community background. As an audience member, Jen will not only educate you, but keep you engaged and laughing. A few quotes from our attendees: “Thank you for caring - your passion is amazing!!”, “Funny with a message” Awesome! Super engaging!”
"Her presentation was not only informative, but her dynamic and energetic style of presentation captivated her audience."
"I was able to hear Jen speak and I instantly felt connected through her energy.  She recently presented to a Trauma Informed Care Symposium hosted by my school district and she captivated our attendees.  She was engaging and entertaining, all while communicating a much needed message.  I would recommend attending a Mensana Wellness Solutions event, or inviting Jen to speak at any other hosted event.  Her passion is contagious!"
"Jennifer Ulie entered the Mental Health Field with great passion and she was not going to be ignored.  With her experience as a special education teacher, she was not only able to see the gap between schools and mental health supports but she was able to immediately start building a bridge between the two. Jen has been able to advocate for students, families, and teachers when they weren't always able to receive that support. Jen's passion and experiences are crucial in helping our school systems become caring and supportive places that maximize learning and the well-being of students and teachers."

Onsite Training

Our onsite training programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of educators, incorporating evidence-based practices that are both relatable and engaging. Designed for real-world application, we ensure that the strategies presented are thought provoking and seamlessly integrated into daily educational practices.

Annually, we empower thousands of professionals through our training sessions, fostering environments where educators and students alike can thrive. We’re excited to extend this opportunity to your team, aiming to inspire and equip your staff with the knowledge and tools for lasting positive change.


Core Topics & Expertise

  • Social, emotional & mental health
  • Mental health literacy
  • Trauma-sensitive schools
  • School board & ed leadership school mental health
  • Educator wellbeing & burnout prevention
  • Reducing undesired behaviors
  • Suicide prevention
  • Comprehensive school mental health
  • Optimizing brain science in schools
  • Neurodivergence in the classroom
  • Family engagement
  • Intensive mental health needs
  • Resource & journey mapping
  • Youth voice & engagement
  • Social emotional learning
  • Leveraging tech for MH
  • Juvenile justice & mh
  • Therapeutic programs
  • Building resilient systems
  • Demoralization & educators
  • Data analysis for SEL & MH
  • Safe schools using what works
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Emotional Dysregulation
  • Creating empathetic systems
  • Anxiety & ADHD in the classroom
  • Differentiation for neurodiversity
  • Restorative practices
  • Stress reduction & coping skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Adult EQ
  • Reimagining classroom management
  • Tier 2 & 3 interventions
  • Advanced school mental health
  • Community mental health conversations
  • Parent mental health awareness & strategies
  • Stress & the brain
  • Optimizing school climate
  • Mindfulness
  • Equity & SEL
  • Peer supports in schools
  • Implementing family navigators
  • Creativity & coping
  • Nonprofits and prevention
  • Mentoring for mental health
  • Undoing the damage: Traumas caused by systems

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