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School Staff and Leadership Webinars

(12p CST & will be recorded)

April 16th: 5 Emotional Regulation Techniques to Reduce Challenging Behaviors

In this empowering session, educators and school staff will explore five essential emotional regulation techniques that can transform classroom dynamics and reduce challenging behaviors. Understanding and teaching emotional regulation is crucial in fostering a supportive learning environment that encourages student success and well-being. Participants will learn practical strategies to help students recognize, understand, and manage their emotions effectively. This proactive approach not only contributes to a more harmonious classroom but also equips students with valuable life skills.

May 14th: Leading with Empathy to Drive Outcomes

Empathy is a powerful tool in education, capable of transforming leadership styles, enhancing student engagement, and improving academic outcomes. This webinar will dive into the principles of empathetic leadership and how educators and school staff can apply them to create positive and productive learning environments. Participants will discover practical techniques for understanding and addressing the needs of students and colleagues, fostering a culture of respect and support, and driving meaningful outcomes.

June 13th: A Powerful Retreat and Reset: Decompress from the Year's Toxic Stress and Traumas

An innovative one-hour webinar that invites educators to embark on a profound journey of healing and rejuvenation. Through guided activities, reflective practices, and empowering discussions, participants will be led through a process of emotional decompression and renewal. You will explore powerful strategies for detoxifying from toxic stress, engaging in self-care practices that resonate deeply, and preparing to step into the summer with a sense of peace, clarity, and renewed purpose.

School Board Members Webinars

(12p CST & will be recorded)

April 17th: Building Resilient School Communities Post-Pandemic

In the wake of the global pandemic, the resilience of our school communities has never been more tested. Participants will learn how to foster resilience in students, staff, and families, ensuring that our schools can not only recover but thrive in the post-pandemic landscape. From enhancing social-emotional learning programs to implementing community support systems, this session provides a roadmap for school board members to lead with confidence in this new era of education.

May 15th: Safeguarding Educator Wellness: Strategies to Prevent Staff Burnout and Shortages

The well-being of educators is the cornerstone of a successful and effective educational system and yet it continues to erode. This session delves into the critical issue of educator wellness, highlighting the signs of burnout and the long-term implications of staff shortages. Learn how to implement practical measures that safeguard educator wellness, reduce turnover, and ensure that our educators have the support they need to excel in their roles.

June 20th: How to Create Discipline Policies That Actually Change Behavior

This webinar focuses on the latest research and best practices in developing and implementing discipline policies that effectively address behavioral issues while supporting students' social and emotional growth. By attending this session, participants will learn how to craft discipline policies that not only manage behavior but also contribute to the development of empathetic, responsible, and engaged students.
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Over the last two decades, Jennifer Ulie, Ph.D., has become a trusted voice and award-winning expert on building sustainable personal and organizational systems of mental, social & emotional wellness. Having presented to tens of thousands of professionals, she is a highly sought-after thought leader & public speaker for her wit, knowledge, relatability, and engaging talks.

She has been a teacher, professor, nonprofit founder & Executive Director, legislative advocate, school board member, and legal expert witness. She has founded, launched, and led countless stakeholder groups, coalitions, conferences, programs, and online courses & certifications.

She sits on multiple regional and national professional organizations, advisory boards, and boards of directors. She has published peer-reviewed articles and is an academic journal peer reviewer. Dr. Ulie has been featured on multiple media outlets, including CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, NPR, and PBS.

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